The Education Board

The Education Board is made up of volunteers and members of the Mosque Committee. We are all working together in order to improve the minimum level of education provided to all students at the Madrasah by formalising the processes currently in place.

The Board recognises that children need to be given a solid foundation to develop faith that is strong enough to not only withstand the current amoral environment, but also to be able to set an example to others. The Madrasah is therefore a platform to not only provide a basic foundation of Islamic knowledge and values, but also encourages Islamic ideals through social interactions.

We (the board) will assist the Madrasah at the Mosque to develop its education structure by updating the existing policies and practices. Our ultimate aim of is to ensure children are provided with a structured, supportive and safe environment to achieve their full potential.


Shakil Ahmed – Mosque Committee

Imam M Zahoor

Zaffer Hussain

Asif Iqbal