Aims And Objective

We Strive To Provide Full-Time Islamic Education and become a Centre of Islamic Educational Excellence in Greater Manchester.


As providers of education at a very critical point in a students’ life, our aims and objectives are to encourage social and spiritual development of students. Through the following aims and objectives, we hope to become an effective Madrasah, in which support, coaching, nurturing, challenge and reflection work hand in hand to improve outcomes for all our students. All of this we endeavour to provide in an atmosphere wherein the syllabus meets the needs, enthusiasms and learning styles of all our students.

  • To form each of our students to appreciate Qur’anic texts with confidence, reciting in the correct manner and with insight and providing every opportunity to memorise the Qu’ran.
  • To teach the basic and necessary Islamic injunctions according to the Hanafi Madhab.
  • To prepare our students to acquire a moral attitude to live as Muslims, participating proudly and fully with every aspect of modern life, drawing strength, meaning and direction with Tawheed at the core and Islam as the main focus in all affairs and transactions, taking guidance from the Qur’an and the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon Him) in line with the principles and practices of Ahlus Sunnah wal Jamaah.
  • To promote the dignity of each young person through self-respect, respect for peers and through the development of personal responsibility to become valued members of society.
  • Ensure that girls and boys have equal access to all areas of the Islamic syllabus and all students are treated fairly and equally.
  • To make students aware of their abilities and give them the support and strength they need to achieve further
  • To work closely with parents in supporting their children through this spiritual journey to ensure their child attains the highest standards.
  • To establish a caring and secure environment that facilitates excellence in Islamic education with values of discipline and respect.
  • To provide a joyous Islamic atmosphere, to ensure students enjoy their study at the Madrasah and develop a love of learning and a strong desire to continue their education as a lifelong experience.
  • To adopt a professional approach with all Madrasah related issues.