About Us

Madina Mosque and Islamic Centre was established in 1992 in vacant shop premises; as a teaching institute with the aim to serve, educate and inspire the local Muslim community. Providing vital educational services.

However, within two years we had outgrown those premises and needed a larger space to effectively serve our growing community. Resultantly in 1994 with the overwhelming support of our congregation, we purchased our current site which was a former clothing factory for the sum of £65,000. We renovated and transformed the factory into a Madrasah and appointed our first Imam the late Mullana Bashir Ahmed Salvi to lead the service.

In 1998, we recognised a vital need to provide a comprehensive set of services and pursued our ambition to become an all-encompassing Mosque, extending our scope to also provide daily prayer and congregational facilities. In 1999 we were granted permission by the local authority to expand our services and we became a Mosque.

Once we were established as a Mosque, in 2001 we reviewed the services we offered to the local community and acknowledged the importance of providing improved facilities for our female worshippers. Subsequently in 2002 we built a female only prayer hall with a purpose-built library to help cater for all parts of the Muslim community.

Moving into 2007 the Madina Mosque and Islamic Centre started its ambitious journey to construct a purpose-built Mosque and Madrasah, a building which was not limited by the architecture of a former factory. A new building which would enable growth and learning.

After years of fundraising we broke ground in 2010 and completed the Mosque in 2014. Since then further facelifts and improvements have been carried out to ensure the Mosque is continuing to adapt to the changing requirements of local community.