The Madrasah will offer a full balanced syllabus that seeks guidance and support from experienced Islamic scholars. Just as the study of the Qu’ran is essential in the life of a Muslim so are the beliefs and practices related to the life of a Muslim. We have therefore incorporated a series of subjects related to the life of a Muslim giving students the understanding of how to implement the teachings of the Qu’ran in line with Ahlus Sunnah wal Jamaah in their daily lives.

Throughout the syllabus, we encourage all the children to strive for personal excellence and we endeavour to provide them with a strong sense of values. We have a set syllabus, which has been developed and is constantly reviewed to enhance progress and performance. Through this syllabus we aim to:

  • Develop an enjoyment of and commitment to learning as a means of encouraging and stimulating the best possible progress and the highest attainment for all students, ultimately hoping every child succeeds.
  • Encourage students to think for themselves and solve problems. Creativity is valued.
  • Build on students’ strengths, interests and experiences. We develop their knowledge, skills, understanding and their confidence in their capacity to learn and work independently and collaboratively.


Our broad balanced syllabus ensures that all our students leave well prepared for a lifetime of change in a “knowledge society” equipped with skills to become independent, responsible, caring adults who respect themselves and others and value the wider groups to which they belong.


Qaidah/Quran – Qaidah is the most basic thing to learn before starting to learn the Qu’ran. We cannot recite the arabic text of the holy Qu’ran until we learn the basic rules of Qaidah. It is ABC for the Arabic Language.

Hifz – Memorisation of salaat, phrases (kalimahs) related to the beliefs of a Muslim, Surahs of the Quran etc.

Hadith – Memorising a selection of hadith of duas on daily living, and on social etiquettes.

Aqidah – Teaching the basic beliefs of a Muslim related to Allah, basic beliefs of a Muslim related to the Prophets (Peace be upon Them) and other beliefs of a Muslim

Fiqh – Teaching in accordance with the Hanafi Madhab on how to perform Salat, fasting, Zakaat and Hajj.

Seerat – Teaching about the lift of the Prophet.

Tasawuf – Tasawwuf is the traditional Islamic science of self-improvement and spirituality (sufism), focussing on one’s relationship with Allah ta’Ala.

Islamic Studies / Tahdeeb – Teaching about the history of Islam. Also developing a desire for being considerate towards others, developing respect for parents, teachers and peers in general and recognising ones role and responsibility as a member of a community.

Tajweed – Teaching the rules and their application on recitation of the Qur’an.

Arabic Language – Teaching basic Arabic language and grammar.